Youtube: New Layout 2014

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This morning (as during the past weeks) I see some new changes on Youtube Channels and YT Playlists Pages (I think they’ll disappear soon beeing some checks for future purposes). Here’s what I see now (hoping Channel Pages will be soon resized)


TARANTAchannel layout on 3rd January 2014

TARANTAchannel layout on 3rd January 2014

As you can see: 1) the channel page has been resized (its width has been reduced: why?), as soon as I logged in I saw my Channel URL was different respect the one I chose (now my channel has 2 different URLs, the automatic one – you see in this photo – and the one I chose:; 3) on the left side of the screen there’s a NEW TOOL named “PLAYLIST” where I see some playlists created by my subscribers that contain my videos), between the YT Tools on the left side of the screen and my Channel page content there’s an empty space (why?); 4) on the right side of the screen there’s a NEW TOOL named “Channel Tips” we could use to re-organize some vids and playlists.


YT_layout2014_playlistIf your subscribers, followers click on one of your Playlists here’s what he/she sees: NEW TOOL (very useful) to LIKE your whole playlist directly on YOUTUBE without going to your channel to do it, this is very useful to rate your vids/playlists, 2) on the right and left side of the screen you see an empty space (why?) and the YT space “dedicated” to your playlist (width) has been reduced, 3) furthermore the video that is watched is “highlighted” with a red color, so youtubers has a clear perception of what they’re watching in a single playlist and how many and what vids they could watch after…

If you are logged in and are watching one of your playlists you’ll not see the “Like” botton (in the grey area above) but the “Edit” botton, this is very useful to edit, add and change your playlist directly on youtube without going to your Channel page to do it.

I think Youtube will soon add new tools (i.e. on our channel pages) in the empty areas I underlined above, that could be some new adds or content to improve its own revenues, otherwise I don’t understand why YT is resizing channels layout and youtube main page.


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