TARANTA 2013: Sciacuddhuzzi – Pizzica meets Pink Floyd

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SCIACUDDHUZZI: Pizzica meets Pink Floyd


A new video by Sciacuddhuzzi is now available on TARANTAchannel. In this Video the Pizzica Band “Sciacuddhuzzi” performs its homonym song at San Donato Milanese (Italy – live March 2013). Along with traditional “Pizzica instruments”, in this concert “Sciacuddhuzzi” feature also electric guitar and a whole drum-set… at the beginning people enjoy a Pink Floyd atmosphere. This song is taken from the band latest Album “Pizzica Melodica” available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/pizzica-melodica/id539997215


SCIACUDDHUZZI – biography: Sciacuddhuzzi are an ethnoacoustic ensemble from the Faculty of Musicology of Cremona that perform songs, enchantments, sounds and colours of Southern Italy people. Their cultural aims are to explore – to the purpose of divulgence and hedonism- some of the most original musical expressions belonging to the ethno-culture of Terra d’Otranto (Lecce and its district in Apulia) and other sounding islands of the Mediterranean area. The ethnic group Sciacuddhuzzi is an ensemble of acoustic instruments mainly of popular provenience. Specializing in a repertoire stemming from off-mainstream and fascinating ethnomusicological research, it currently thrives on close experiences with a specific folk milieu namely the one from Salento. Originally founded and conducted by Francesco Attanasi, its lineup autonomously carries out teamwork which was at the very first linked with the cultural activities organized and promoted by the Department of Musicology of Cremona University. If academically speaking- such environment represents the cradle of their professional formation, from a strictly artistic viewpoint that is the furnace where the very ensemble was molded. Banking simultaneously on eccentric interpretative skills derived from individual, extracurricular needs and specialistic insights, they embark on a musical path that – despite its distance from any structural/aesthetic formalism typical of cultured musical stereotypy – is in itself self-sufficient, as its semantic poignancy full of ancient flavours, evocative nuances, vagaries of a historical, often abstracted world yet to this day keen on transmitting the distinguishing facets of its social identity would lose any communicative value if uprooted from the hearth in which it came to the world and grew. Sciacuddhuzzi pay homage to what has survived the injury of time, and, almost as if they were runners in a historical relay, they will do everything possible for that baton never to get to the finish line; Sciacuddhuzzi efforts are dedicated to all of you humanly taking notice, in the certain hope of fulfilling and raising your artistic expectations (cit. Italian World Music)

MORE INFO about SCIACUDDHUZZI: http://www.italianworldmusic.com/artist_home.php?art_id=57



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